Voice Conditioning

“Are you all right?”

IMAG1808“What happened?”

Bang! Bang!! Bang!!!

“I am alright mom”

I replied from the other side of the bathroom whilst showering this morning.

This was all because of the 5th day program of the Megaliving – Its interesting. You have to repeat “Mimmm”over and over for 5 minutes. The best part is the suggestion of practicing this whilst you shower.  When the water was flowing down my face and at the same time I was uttering “Mimm” over and over, it gave a funny sound (have to make sure not to utter when the shower runs on my face) .

The ancient technique of vitality – Voice Conditioning produces optimal state of health. How? You will be surprised as I was!!

This is how it is been described:

“The ancient Tibetan believed that the health of the body was controlled through the operation of seven spinning vortexes.  When the vortexes slowed down, hormonal changes would cause the process of aging to set in.  One of the vortexes, located deep in the neck, governs the vocal chords.  if the voice is strengthened, the vortex is stimulated to produce an optimal state of health.  This is why Tibetan monk would perform chants daily.  Not only would such vocal conditioning enhance their all – important concentration skills but it would yield remarkable physical results in the form of peak health.”

Was is not interesting? I will be physically exercising as well as bathing at the same time, heeee… However, the canting has to gradually be decrease to the lowest of voice for the best results.

Well, here I had a bit of question, if anybody ( in that sense even the author Robin Sharma) could give me insight if I could use my own chanting instead of “Mimm”.

I was thinking of “Om” as this is universal?

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To ask OR not to ask?

I have no words to describe how Megaliving is helping me. Let me tell you the incident of the Morning. 

Reaching the sky

Reaching the sky

My uncle who usually visits to a Famous church every Christmas asked if I would join their family this holiday. I was like exited but at the same time “not sure” kind of state as my boss was scheduled to travel the very same date. However I said that I will join them as within my heart the excitement and positive feeling was boiling up. 

The task was to make my boss agree for the leave. I kept of saying “think positive, think positive”. I imagined myself holidaying. I wanted to build up the positive mind.

When I reached office, I was all day looking for a chance (boss to be in happy mood) to ask him about the leave. But to my surprise, he calls me and asks “It will be a good idea, if you take your leave when I am away.”

I was…like… I have not even asked him about the leave and I have already got it. You can imagine how my heart must have overjoyed. I give credit to the Megaliving and the positivity it is bringing to my life.  A little mastery over mind, I believe.

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4th day of the Megaliving program and I am already feeling lively, Hurraheyyyy!!!

Today the mastery of mind advises to practice the “Autosuggestion”.  It is simply a self-suggestion. This technique can lead to confidence, motivation, wealth, health etc., the technique has two steps as following:

1)      Write down the goal you want to achieve (it has to be precise).

2)      Read out the goal as often as possible daily (on wake up, while sleeping, while eating, any time).

“Repeat the goal regularly 10 times at a time and really believe that it will come true” it said. So I quickly jot down my goal.Autosuggestion for myself

Autosuggestion for myself

Does it look too much?  Well, the next line relaxed me, “Do not worry that it does not seem it will come true under your present circumstances.  Simply persist and follow this formula.  Your mind will create the opportunities and the results”

In the present stage being single with no love life, I want a loving relationship with a man who will care for me and support me.  When I think of happiness apart from my loving parents, good health, satisfactory job, good sibling, I still miss the romantic relationship in my life.

Now that I have made this as my goal, hope you will hear the good news soon.

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Getting back to Nature

What if you would wake up every morning to this view?

View from my home

View from my home

I did some years back. “Nature can have a brilliant effect on an overworked body and mind” read the line from Megaliving 3rd day program.  Now I understand how people here could be so cheerful and lively even after the hardship they face every day.

This is the view from my house at my hometown, greenery, pleasant weather and the chirping sound of the birds greeted me every morning, no stress whatsoever when I was here.  I miss it being in the city, especially today where my program consisted of “Getting back to Nature”.

Focus on the surroundings and affirm the beauty and simplicity of the world, it said.  Ummm…as I went for my morning walk (started on 21st October 2013 as the 2nd day program for Mastering the body) I looked for the blue sky, what I could see was the piece of the sky between the towering building between the criss-cross electrical wires, cables of dish and telephone wires.  When I went to the nearby park instead of fresh air, I could smell the garbage which was dumped outside the park and of course the pricks of mosquitoes. Water body nearby was rare as we get the supply of drinking water on alternate day for couple of hours (imagine the situation of building with 10 household).

Thus, I had to satisfy myself with the small garden planted by my aunt which had colorful flower blooming. At least this made me get back to nature.  I swear if I ever own a house, it would be small with large garden with plants and birds all around.

I am already getting back to Nature!!

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Breath In & Out for…

One…two – Breath in

One..two..three..four..five..six..seven..eight – hold the breath

One..two..three..four – Breath out

This looks like a yoga session early in the morning, in a peaceful garden with folded legs, closed eyes and trying to concentrate on the breath.  Well, this is not the case here.  This is how I walked on my way to the office.

Inspired by the book “Megaliving” by Robin Sharma I started the 30 day program to perfect life.  Each day has program to achieve mastery over the Mind, Body and Character.

“Stepping Strategy” is the second day program (Started the program yesterday 20th October, 2013) for Mastering the Mind.  One of the most effective methods to improve weak thinking tendencies and a lack of concentration is step counting.  One of my mind improvement goal being concentration, this was a good start.  And I have to do this another 29 days and I am the master of my mind.

Will write about each day program soon…

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The first step

 I am not sure, why I am here, what I want to write, how to start….?

Whenever I came across blogs by unknown to me, I felt as though they were talking and sharing with me.  I felt that this could be the case other way round. I wondered, if someone would come across my blog and get engaged as I did…. the feeling was impeccable.

It is only a mere idea to put my thoughts and people will read, agree, disagree or just enjoy what my thoughts are. 

Well, at this point of time, I am not sure what to write (you can understand that by my blog name “Blanksec7ion”), however, some way down the line, I know people will come across my blog and say “Wow, it indeed was worth reading”.

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